donderdag 10 november 2011

G&T Creations Sweetheart Gown, heels and jewellery

New releases Sweetheart.

A lovely gown in 3 wonderful colors,full ruffled skirts in 5 parts, primmed breast ruffles hair flowers in 2 styles.

jeweler and matching heels available separated to make you're outfit complete, choker, 2 bracelets and sculpted heels.

Than a special group gift on trial, sculpted nails with a lovely diamond in each nail
Menu to choose you're color and or shiny setting,
nails available in 5 sizes, and a cute bottle nail polish as extra addon, this might help if you're nails get disorientated, use the bottle to get them back, it can safe u a reboot;

Gift only available in main store and for G&T group members only.

click the logo right side to connect and or teleport

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