zondag 27 november 2011

G&T Creations Fay and Jean-Paul tuxedo's

"FAY", a wonder full metallic sparkle gown with a lace top,
two skirts to choose from, one with sparkle top layer for a great special effect and the other skirt has only sparkles inside so the top layer is showed full metallic silk.
Gloves, panty pants and a system skirt is included, the choice is yours if u wear it or prefer without.
The gown is made in different layers with different flexibility so most times the legs stay covert while the upper skirts flare around while you dance.
An invisible bra is included if you don't want the lace is see trough.

Yes yes, Fay had matching heels and they are so wonderful, full Jewelled in bright metallic colors to match the gown perfect and we made three extra colors for you special for Christmas
Gold, Black and bright Red.

the anklet can be made invisible with the HUD, diamond color in the heart van be choose or made invisible .
Heel sound and resizeble, two pairs in the box, one original size and one smaller size (-10 of original)

Jean-Paul is the perfect tuxedo for the working men in Second Life, and suits perfect for a evening out.

Six colors available with matching suede shoes.
3 collar styles, sculpted cuffs,
2 trousers , one to wear place and 1 to wear with sculpted bottoms.
2 loose tie styles, flexible jacket bottom and a briefcase included

All colors availeble in G&T Creations Main store

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