vrijdag 23 oktober 2015

White sheer lace wedding lingerie

Wedding or not, white is Always class and cant stay behind in your inventory, on request  i created today this set in white

woensdag 21 oktober 2015

Black lace sheer lingerie set with Omega applier HUD

Black  lace set to  mix and match,
wear the panty on the moment of the day, go to work , go  out for a romantic event, with this set you have the right intimates for the moment of the day.

New Omega applier HUD for the mesh avatars , more options as default and 1 quick dress applier to give a full set in 1  applier.

black widow halloween costume

Mesh corset and attachements, stunning breath taken costume  wear it with Halloween and use the lingerie set after .

vrijdag 18 september 2015

Shades of Grey Mesh dress

Lovely Mesh dress in 7 shades of grey
Easy to use HUD with 7 choices for the tweed skirt and 7 for the shirt
if that is stil not enough than you can go for the full color HUD
wish make this dress more as 50 shades of grey.
choose a full color or  decolor the shirt, skirt or belt.
The compleet outfit for the working girl in  SL.

woensdag 25 maart 2015

Jungle fever mesh outfits for him and her

Mesh tuxedo with shoes for him
Mesh dress for her with  shrug and flexible trail
HUD to choose  out of 7 colors.

G&T Creations mainstore


zondag 1 februari 2015

Maitreya Mesh Avatar Lara Invisible Bra

A few days ago i got introduced with  a mesh avatar from maitreya, and i  must admit i was  impressed.

I had a request from a custumor to make a invisible bra she could wear to cover the bits that not supose to show .

I did release it and added  a lovley free lingerie set as gift.

Hard work to get used with the appliers, edit the scripts , than notice something isnt right so edit all; scripts again , but to be hunust, this avatar is worth the time you spend on  her.

i proberly wil end with  make all kind of aplliers from  my collection and add with new .
But for now we show you the invisible bra and see if its a wanted item.

available in mainstore  and on  marketplace.

vrijdag 30 januari 2015

Valentine 2015 Unique Love quote necklace for him and her

Can you imigine a nicer way to  say : I love you?

Yes you can with this  lovley  necklace for him and her.
16 love quotes with a simple click in a flip HUD
24 colors  gem stones choise for the  birth stones.
choose silver gold or red gold,
shining, glow and or full bright on of and resizable all with  same HUD

My life my happiness my love
My heart is and always be yours
Live..Laugh..hope and love
For me there is only you ( and my pet)
I'd hug you all day if i could
Togheter is a wonderfull place to be
I love you more today than yesterday
Friends yesterday, Lovers today, Soul mates forever

the  other quotes are them behind the button on the right side reading up to down:

You got the key to my heart
My heart is beating for you
Where there is love there is life
For me there is only you
I hope you always find a reason to smile
I'd cross the world for someone like you
In love we can conquer the world
I love you to the moon and back